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Juice bar

Fresh juices and juice catering according to Bar Company.

Fresh juices are delicious to drink at any moment of the day. With breakfast, lunch, quick refreshment or aperitif. Our juices are being made directly when ordered to keep the level of vitamins of minerals to a maximum. Live juicing and shaking implements a bit of entertainment so that your guests do not only enjoy  a healthy and delicious drink but also get an amusing experience meanwhile. In contrast with our smoothies we only use fresh juices at our juice bar.

Bar Company is your partner when it comes to fresh juices at your event or location. We are specialized in live preparation of a wide range of delicious juices with various kinds of fruit and vegetables. Treat your guests with a healthy and delicious drink with this attraction by Bar Company. Our luxurious juice bars are unique in the market. Read more about our unique juice bar.


Juice possibilities

Since we are a flexible organization that likes to think with its clients we can offer you various possibilities with regard to juice bars and juice catering. Read more about our possibilities.


Fresh juices are healthy.

Drinking fresh juices is popular and healthy. Read more about our fresh juices.