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Coffee bar

Mobile coffee bars on location

Coffee, also known as the ‘black gold’ is a common available beverage. Despite the fact that many people value a good cup of coffee, a fresh cup of quality coffee is sometimes quite hard to find. Bar Company knows how to meet these needs. When you find a Bar Company barista behind one of our espresso machines you can be sure that your guests will experience a good cup of coffee. At our mobile coffee bar your guests have the possibility to enjoy fresh espressos made from high quality beans and cappuccinos with the most charming shapes poured into it.

Give your guests a literally warm welcome with Bar Company’s luxurious mobile coffee bar.

Mobile coffee bar on location

The mobile coffee bar is a real eye-catcher on your location and is perfectly suitable for events, fairs, festivals, business celebrations and private parties.Read more about a mobile coffee bar on location.

Coffee bar on location

Bar Company is a flexible organization and we like to think along with our client.Read more about the possibilities of coffee catering on location.

Ordinary coffee, espresso or cappuccino?

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