Cocktail shaker / Flairtender

A tremendous cocktail bar needs to be staffed by a splendid cocktail shaker.

Cocktail shakers

Bar Company’s cocktail shakers are kind and enthusiastic ladies and gentlemen with extensive experience and a passion for cocktails. After an intensive training in mixology they know how to provide your guests with the perfect cocktail. With a wide variety of cocktails your guest will always find his or her own favorite. Next to that, our shakers also know how to treat your guests with a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail. With Bar Company’s cocktail shakers you will have the best of two sides; your guests enjoy a delicious cocktail while they get high entertainment at the same time. Your guests tell the shakers their preferred ingredients and our staff directly shake a beautiful cocktail as in a live performance. Our cocktail shakers are always neatly dressed in a black blouse and black trousers.


Besides cocktail shakers Bar Company also has staff specifically skilled to possess the art of ‘flairing’. Our flairtenders can easily throw five bottles up in the air after which they pour you an undamaged cocktail of your preference. With their mouths wide open your guests will watch the show and spectacle that take place behind our cocktail bar.