Cocktail catering

Bar Company is a specialist in luxurious cocktail catering on location.

We believe that there is nothing more festive than a delicious cocktail and that might be the exact reason of cocktail catering being so popular at events. Do you have something to celebrate? Let our kind staff perform live in front of your guests by shaking top class cocktails with excellent ingredients behind our wonderful cocktail bar. Your event should be an unforgettable one and that is exactly what our shakers can help you with.
Read more about celebrations and events.

Cocktail bar

Our luxurious cocktail bars distinguish themselves on various aspects and that is the reason why hundreds of clients have taken the lead in renting our cocktail bars in the past. Here you can read what it is that makes our cocktail bars unique.

Cocktail shakers

It is not only the bars that make our service unique. Our experienced shakers create a unique experience and know how to entertain your guests. Find out how they do that.

Cocktail possibilities

Since we are a flexible organization and we are willing to think with you we offer various possibilities when it comes to our cocktail bars and cocktail catering. More about our possibilities you can find here. Are you specifically looking for a Mojito Bar or Caipirinha Bar?